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Education & Training

Why is training important?

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Because it can

  • Increase sales and also help to sell this short life span product
  • It reduces the amount of waste and negative customer feedback
  • Staff retention and pride in their work.

This is why it works for Brewdog who invest in all their staff to do these styles of courses

Training is not just for the individual but your whole business.

It can be tailored to your business, your goals!

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Beer, Cheese & Gin are the new trends

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The world of hospitality has changed drastically over the last few years. Gone is the limited choice of drinks, food and expectations. The customer, retailer and brewer are faced with a bewildering array of tastes.

Not everyone is a connoisseur, following the trends, avidly chasing the next new thing. A lot of us when faced with a range of choices will opt for the familiar, the comfortable, rather than attempt the new and sometimes expensive alternative.

A lack of confidence can be costly

wine and food pairing

A number of years ago the same was said about wine, the choice was, White or Red and you were treating yourself a Blue Nun or Beaujolais. Yet now people are more confident with trying wines (and will pay for a good one).

Why? Part of this comes from knowledge and the other from familiarity. TV programmes match wine with food, catering colleges teach the subject and leisure classes allow us to learn as we get tipsy. Additionally, we are all inclined to see wine as a quality product, even when it is shipped over to the UK in large plastic bags to be bottled down the road with a fancy label.

The Customer wants and expects more!!


  • The growth of Social Media
  • TV programmes
  • Catering colleges teach the subject
  • Leisure classes allow us to learn as we get tipsy
  • FOMO (fear of missing out)
wine and food pairing
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Why invest in Beer / Cheese / Cider / Gin Training?

fine dining beer food pairing


  • Growing awareness of Buying Local
  • Food miles
  • Quality over quantity
  • Customers want experiences and find something new
  • Supporting local businesses
  • A growing trend toward these products

Finally, we all remember bad service, information etc, and never go back

Empower yourself & your staff to have the confidence to be the BEST


Academy Of Cheese and bespoke specialist courses

Designed for your goals