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Tasting Notes

Why are Tasting Notes important?

cheryl cade tasting notes featured

Clear and simple tasting notes can increase sales and help to sell this short life span product.

So often I hear sales teams give the same information to all their customers, not tailored to the client who is listening. In some cases it can be misleading and result in a negative experience for the customer.

With my tasting notes you can select a range of options to suit your needs and that of your sales team.

Tasting notes have also proven extremely useful to staff who do not consume alcohol for religious or personal reasons.

cheryl cade tasting notes featured
Sir tobys and Norwich Market beer and food match

Types of Tasting Notes

Sir tobys and Norwich Market beer and food match

Simple Tasting Notes

This could be something simple that the customer, bar or restaurant staff with little experience of your product or the style of product can use. In turn this could lead them to try your product with a range of foods, making it a firm favourite in the future.

In-depth Tasting Notes

In-depth tasting notes on each product designed for the sales team, wholesalers, importers and exporters to gain a greater understanding of your product. Its story, look, taste, after taste, uses and possible matches with other food products.

Mid-range Tasting Notes

Mid range tasting notes can be developed for front of house staff who need additional information, or for markets where you wish to promote your product to accompany different audiences.

Food and drink pairing for pubs and restaurants

food and drink matching pubs restaurants

When selling products of a limited life span, easy to use menus that can make suggestions of what to pair with what can help the customer and the staff try new things but also sell your products in a new way.

Pairing notes can be done as a simple chart, a note at the end of each dish or as a wine menu, raising your Beer / Cider / Cocktail / Gin to a new level and giving your customer a new experience with your traditional menu.

food and drink matching pubs restaurants
saxbys cider tasting notes

People I have worked with on Tasting Notes and Food & Drink Pairing

saxbys cider tasting notes
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